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The Thinline Strat and Tele

A modern Fender Mahogany Thinline Telecaster:

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The pickups are Texas Teles so it's closer to the 1969's Mahogany Thinline than the 1970's. Here's the unusual part - the matching thinline Stratocaster:

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The thinline body precludes the usual waist and elbow contours of the Stratocaster. The pickups are Texas Specials. The bridge is a normal Strat tremolo bridge. The orange paper dot still covers the tremolo bar hole - I don't use tremolo very much at all.

This is not the only Thinline Strat; Dweezil Zappa went one further and had the Fender Custom Shop make one with a reversed headstock. That guitar is alder bodied, has two rails for neck and middle, and a humbucker in the bridge, and a Floyd Rose. Want a look?


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