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Applicable Mathematics:

Original works on mathematics and signal processing (Displacement Structure and System Identification, Input Balanced/Output Balanced Realizations, Band Matrix Fraction Representations). There are some new techniques in linear algebra which result in fast and numerically reliable algorithms in signal processing, system identification and control, but which may also have application in other fields where generalized eigenvalue problems are important, notably quantum chemistry calculations. Also some other interesting papers:

Downloadable Publications

Some online material which is a gentler introduction to some of the theory Kurt Riedel and I have developed.

Recursive Windowing of Time Series Triangular Input Balanced Realizations
Maximally Flat Impulse Response Gauss-Meixner Summation
Functions of Jordan Blocks Meixner Functions and Triangular Input Balanced Realizations

Online Colloquia, Courses and Seminars

Want to keep up with science and mathematics via the web? Here are some sites. We'd like to have more if you know of any.

Music, Musical Instruments and Related Science

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Looking to learn about electric guitars or amplifiers? Or just want to see some unusual electric guitars? We have a collection of interesting electrics and some of the more unusual ones can be seen here, such as the Merle Haggard Tribute Telecaster, a Gibson ES-347, a Mahogany Thinline Stratocaster. We've started to put up some technical information on guitars, too. People conversant in signal processing, interferometry, chemistry, and wood science will find interesting unsolved problems posed by electric guitars. Guitar players and luthiers may find that parts of this tour a bit elementary, but it's useful to have a picture showing the effect of fret sprout on a rosewood fretboard and satin finish maple neck to help scientists understand the very interesting physics, chemistry, and wood science which is involved. That's also why we have a picture showing a guitar neck of very similar construction, age, and quality which was in the same environment which does not show fret sprout. Guitar cognoscenti will probably find things like the neck joint in the Merle Haggard, (unique, as far as I know) and the explanation of the skunk stripe on the rosewood board Contemporary Strat more interesting. Oddly enough, both of these oddments are present in the Dan Smith Telecaster.

Zen Pharaonics is comprised of lots of stuff:

  • Linear Algebra, Structured Matrices, Displacement Structure
  • Fast Algorithms for System Identification, Signal and Image Processing
  • Electric Guitars
  • Quantum Chemistry Calculations
  • Physics and Mathematics of Musical Instruments
  • Unitary and Szego Hessenberg Matrices
  • Wood
  • Matrix Grade and Matrix Fraction Representations

We have a forum open to discuss these and other topics:

Zen Pharaonics Conversations

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